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Offering Low Cost Copier Rentals, also Sales, Leasing and Service of Color and Black & White Copiers, Laser Printers, Scanners, and Fax Machines

 Low Cost Copier Rentals*

Rent a digital commercial copier for as little as

“$49.00 per month!”

One Low Price Includes:

Free Toner (Ink) Included!

Free Delivery Included!

Free Service Included!

Free Parts Included!

Free Labor Included!

Call Now and Ask Us How!

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“Family Owned With 30+ Years Experience”

We also have Color Copiers & Printers for sale and Copier leasing available

Why Rent?

Our “worry free” Copier Rental and Printer Rental Programs* offer a lot of flexibility. Like I mentioned above, one price will cover the copier toner and supplies, delivery, all service calls, parts and labor. The only thing it does not cover is the paper. Unlike leasing, with “our” low cost Copier Rental Programs you are never “locked in”, you can cancel at any time, you can upgrade or even down grade your copier at any time, no personal guaranties and no credit approval needed, and no with interest baring loan payments.

When it comes to service, our goal is not to see you very often (good for both of us), because everything is covered, we can replace any part(s) we need too and unlike owning or leasing, we can also replace any part of the machine, or even the whole copier if need be. This way you will experience very little down time.

We Have a Wide Range of Services to Fit Your Needs!

We have serviced a variety of office equipment over the years, like; Canon®, Ricoh®, Sharp®, Kyocera Mita®, HP® just to name a few, there is a very good chance that we can help you and if for some reason we cannot, I am sure we can point you in the right direction.

Our Services Include:

  1. Copier Rentals
  2. Copier Service
  3. Copier Sales
  4. Printer Repair

We take a lot of pride in getting our customers exactly what they need, at the best possible price, even if that means pointing you in a different direction, if need be. We are now offering Color Copier Rentals, Sales and Service. Give us a call. (651) 275-0755 or (763) 445-2491

copier rental st paul mn

With 30+ years of experience when it comes to Copier Service & Printer Repair, experience can save you a lot of time and money. In most cases, when you call us for copier service we know what is wrong before we finish our initial phone call with you. Because of this, whether you are on a copier maintenance program, rental program, or are a billable customer, we can do a much better job of getting your machine up and running as fast as possible, which will save you (and us) time and money.


 Copier Tips:

1. If you rent a copy machine the price covers all service, repair, labor, parts and even toner (ink) you just supply the paper. But if you have a copier, of any kind, that is not a rental copier and you run about a 1,000 or more copies per month on it, you should consider a “maintenance agreement” on it. All copiers have a lot of “consumables” in them and they all ware out at different volume of copies made. The cost of repairing copiers can be comparable to repairing cars. The difference is that copiers (because of what they do and the way they have to work) have a lot more parts that have to be replaced.

From experience people that have to pay to keep their copier running will never spend what it really takes to get it running right and there copier will not work very good and that can be very frustrating for everyone that has to use it. That is why I highly recommend getting a maintenance agreement, not only will you simplify a lot of things in one shot, but you will also save time, frustration and money.

2. Getting an all in one Copier is good for the reason that everything is in one package. This will not only save space, but everything can be networked to one location as well. If you have one of our copier rentals then all the service & supplies (except paper) are covered, that means you will not have buy copier, printer, or fax toner (ink) anymore. About the only down side is that if your copier breaks down, now your printer and fax is down also. But if you call for service, they should not be down for very long.

3. Almost every copy machine out there is good for as long as you can get parts for it, which in most cases is about 10 years and even more. The parts do not cost us anymore for that time period either, so your cost should not go up because of a little age. So, if you have a service maintenance agreement or rent a copy machine with us, the only reason your cost might even go up is only because your copy volume goes up. So if your copier lease is almost over (3-6 years) and you hear that your service agreement price is going up because it is “getting harder to get parts”, in most cases that is not true, and they could be looking to either get you to buy a new copier, or make more money off of you.


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*Some restrictions do apply and these are covered with you beforehand.

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