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Over 30 Years of Printer Repair Experience!


Laser Printer Repair:


30-years-printer-repair-experience-Laser printer repair for various brands like: HP®, Dell®, Lexmark®. If you give us a call, like copiers, laser printers are also similar in their functions as well. We can not only determine what is wrong and what it would take to fix it, but also if it is worth fixing, sometimes, depending on the cost and age, they may not. This way hopefully you do not waste your money getting your printer repaired when maybe you should have replaced it in the first place.


We offer new and rebuilt printers, large and small, for sale and lease. We also offer a variety of Color, Black & White, Desktop & Multi-Function (MFP`s) Copy, Print, Scan, and Fax Laser Printers. Brands like; HP®, Sharp® and we carry toner and ink cartridges as well.


best-printer-service-mnIf you would like a Maintenance Agreement for your printer, were we come out to you and service your printer, contact us for information and pricing.




Laser Printer Repair Tips:

With laser printers, most printers have a combination Toner & Drum Cartridge in them. That means about 80% of the print quality problems can be solved by just replacing the Toner/Ink Cartridge. This is true for black & white and color printers.

With most color printers you have 4 different color toner cartridges in them. So, if you see a color band going down the page (ex: red in color) , more than likely the problem is related to that (red/Magenta) toner cartridge first, or maybe that drum unit needs to be replaced, if it is a separate unit.








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